Rules & Regulation

Students are required to follow all the following rules & regulation in school

We try to create in Saraswati Convent School, a place where
(A)people are safe and secure
(B)people love and take care of themselves and each other
(C)healthy people work, play and rest
(D)people protect the environment and create beauty
(E)and where people are gifted and succeed in thinking and learning. So we expect the children
(F)to treat other people, buildings and property with respect
(G)To speak quietly
(H)To avoid negative physical contact
(I)To walk rather than run and
(J)To avoid teasing.

The following rules will help us in creating a just community for all who are involved in the School

Children should present a neat appearance at all times. The school uniform must be worn with dignity for all classes and school functions. A student who is not properly dressed may be excluded from the classroom.
A)Mufflers are not allowed in school.
B)Long nails, nail polish, jewellery items or bringing expensive articles to school are strictly prohibited.
C)Use of hair gels, dyes, tattoos, 'kajal' or such materials will lead to disciplinary measures. Boys must keep their hair short, trimmed and combed. Girl's hair must be worn in two plaits. Girls should not trim their hair short except for serious health reasons advised by a doctor.
Since the students are to conduct themselves as gentlemen / ladies at all times, there should be no running, shouting, pushing, playing of games, or throwing of objects in the school buildings. Students learn a sense of responsibility by caring for their own possessions and school property.
(A)The school cannot be responsible for articles lost. Students should not bring costly things to school.
(B)Students must not scratch or mark the school desks or deface school property in any way. Any damage done to school property will have to be made good by the one who does it. Any wilful damage will be further punished by a suitable penalty. Any damage done or noticed should be reported at once to the Vice-Principal.
Students should remember that their conduct both inside and outside of school determines the reputation of the school. When students go out on any school outing, they are to follow whatever instructions the prefect in charge gives about places they must visit, staying together, when and how they are to return, etc.

  • Cycles must be kept locked in the proper place. Cycles may not be ridden around the school grounds.
  • Students are not allowed to use the school telephone without the permission of the Vice-Principal or the Principal.
  • The first bell for class or study is the signal to begin to move towards the classroom. Silence is to be observed in the classrooms at that time.
  • No justification absence from scheduled classes or obligatory school functions will be tolerated. No one who is late for school or has been absent for more than two days continuously will be admitted to class without an admit slip from the Vice-Principal. The Vice-Principal will not re-admit a student to class unless  his / her absence or tardiness has been satisfactorily explained in writing by the child’s parents or official guardian.
  • Application for special leave from class should be made in advance by the Parents or Guardians to the Principal. Such leave will be granted only for very serious reasons.
  • Students in Classes 6-10 are expected to spend  as much as three hours a day doing revision homework and preparation for class.Children in Classes 4-5 should spend at least two hours a day for their regular studies. Student's first loyalty is to the school. Hence, students will not join sports clubs or give their names to play in another team without consulting the Principal.
  • No student is allowed to leave the school compound without the permission of the Principal  or Vice-Principal.
  • Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, chewing gum and the use of drugs are prohibited at all times.
  • Gambling of any kind is forbidden in the school premises at all times.
  • Since the school library provides a good amount of reading matter for the students, they are not permitted to bring any books or magazines to school other than their school books.
  • No collection for any purpose is to be taken up, and no meetings, demonstrations, parties, or picnics may be held without the previous permission  of the Principal.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to bring cell phones, I-pods, cameras, musical instruments or any other electronic devices to school. If such things are found with students they will be confiscated and will not be returned.
  • Habitual stealing, lying, bullying in any form, using unfair means in examinations and homework or willful breaches of school regulations may lead to suspension or even expulsion of the student from school.
  • All are expected to speak in English in school in order to improve their English communication skills as Saraswati Convent School is an English medium school.
  • Littering in any manner is strictly prohibited. All are expected to develop a keen civic sense. Repeated offences will lead to punitive action. Use dustbins provided.
  • Date of birth once recorded at admission cannot be changed.
  • Failure to observe the school rules will be punished according to the seriousness of the offence. Offenders will be sent to the Vice-Principal who will impose a suitable penalty. Students who habitually violate the school rules will be asked to leave the school.
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